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29 Jun House Rendering

Benefits of House Rendering  Home improvement projects are earning popularity around the world at a rapid pace. Practical and creative ideas for renovation do not only enhance the overall look of the house, but also increase its monetary value. Therefore, it is essential to select an exclusive remodeling project plan that not only caters to the...

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13 May Monocouche

          Monocouche- things to know ?    Monocouche rendering refers to one / single coat and comprises of coloured mineral rendering of the exterior walls. Customers who decide to go for monocouche rendering may choose from a coarse or fine size of the grain. There is a wide variety of colours available for this category of product which exceeds 50 tints and...

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10 May Coloured Rendering

Coloured Rendering House walls are often daubed with certain material, mainly for two reasons; firstly, it protects the actual material of the wall from severe weather conditions, such as rain and humidity, secondly, it adds beauty to your house. With the advancement in architecture and interior technology, offering you several materials to choose from.. Typically, walls are daubed with cement renders, but now...

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09 May External Wall Insulation

External Wall Insulation   You do not need to try out different techniques to keep your home warm in winter. With external wall insulation you can cover your walls with several protective layers that will enable your walls to stand the severe cold outside and keep your...

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