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External wall insulation. specialists in all types of coloured render including Monocouche, Silicon and Acrylic renders, fully trained with years of exp
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External wall insulation


External wall insulation. While there are many different types of home, as you will find in any short walk from your home, there is another aspect that differentiates homes that may otherwise have a lot in common. The finish of a property provides an aesthetic that can stand a property out from the crowd and there are many finishes to choose from. You will find that exposed brick finishes, stone finishes and coloured rendering are all popular finishes with External wall insulation and the choice you make may come down to your personal taste and preferences.
There is no getting away from the fact that people have certain tastes and styles and one finish may suit you more. We are more than happy to meet with you and talk you through the various finishes on offer. Also, if you have a particular finish in mind, we will be more than happy to show you what we offer with respect to these finishes.


You can enjoy a range of benefits with External wall insulation


While the aesthetic appearance of your property is important, and often the most important aspect for many homeowners, it is important to be aware that rendering offers additional benefits to property owners. If you were told that the type of rendering you choose could save you money on your energy bills, could help you to help the environment and could even add value to your home, would you be interested? The answer is clearly yes and at Specialised Rendering, we believe that our insulated rendering solutions provide a wide range of features and benefits that will be welcome at many homes.


Some of the key benefits of choosing insulated rendering services include:


    •  You can improve the thermal performance of your home
    •  You can reduce the likelihood of suffering from damp at home
    • You can reduce the likelihood of condensation appearing on internal walls
    • You can fill cracks and gaps which will help to reduce draughts at your home
    • You can soundproof and weatherproof your home
    • You can protect the brickwork at your home, extending the lifespan of your property
    • You can make your home look more attractive


When you also take on board that these improvements can be added without reducing the amount of space you have available at your home, and without having any negative impact to your daily life, and you can see why so many people opt for this style of solution at their home. Whether you are focused on improving the aesthetic nature of your property, on improving the functionality of your home or achieving both of these outcomes, you’ll find that insulated rendering will have a real impact on the short and long term value and condition of your home.


If your thoughts on rendering are tied to the 1970s style pebbledash appearance, you’ll be pleased to know that times have changed and there are many more fashionable styles to choose from. The standard choice of modern insulation is a clean and smooth white render but we offer a broad range of colours and finishes. If you would like to learn more about the variety of colours and finishes, or you are keen to choose the option that will transform your home, please get in touch with Specialised Rendering to arrange a consultation.




This material is used as a finishing coat for a visually striking finish. It is applied to a prepared substrate, base coat render, or the current render if prepared properly. Suitable substrates are light weight thin coat render system, cement render in good condition and good quality brick and stone. This type of rendering can marvellously seal and improve appearance and is available in a wide array of colours and textures – browse at leisure and take your pick. We use top quality acrylic renders with anti-cracking properties, which is achieved by using fine reinforcing fibres to create a very firm and durable finish. Tiny defects, flaws, and alterations can be camouflaged using acrylic renders.




This is a polymer render that repels water, so it can be used to keep the surface of the render dry, but maintaining breathability between the wall and render. It also allows moisture to pass through and out of the wall. Silicon is premixed into the cement, and the rendering is much faster. Substrates include insulation boards, lightweight thermalite blocks, or breeze blocks. Expansion joints can be used to impart extra sturdiness to the render so it doesn’t crack. Silicone rendering is available in several shades and finishes.
Specialised Rendering promises you premium grade rendering for your property so your home looks amazing, while curb appeal enhances at the same time. To know more, please get in touch with us.




Monocouche Rendering


Monocouche rendering is a style of finish applied to the external walls of a property and this style of finish can offer protection from adverse weather conditions while improving the appearance of a home.


This term, monocouche, has been used by the rendering industry in Europe to act as a differentiation between modern rendering techniques and methods and the traditional rendering techniques. This style of rendering is a modern and advanced solution that can applied in a single coat. This has significantly reduced the amount of time required to complete a rendering process, allowing companies to complete work in a shorter period of time and at a more affordable price without compromising on the quality of work.

Other applications that are recognised under this title include:


    • Colour rendering work
    • Scraped finish rendering work
    • The application of the coating
    • The manufacturing process

The fact that so many different types of rendering work can be classed as monocouche rendering means it is best to check with individual companies, such as Specialised Rendering, to be sure that you are obtaining the type of rendering you are looking for. However, all of the recognised formats and styles of monocouche rendering offer a contemporary, effective and stylish solution.


The use of white ordinary Portland cement, used as a binder, is an important feature in monocouche rendering because it is this aspect that ensures the formulation can be pigmented. This is the platform for producing coloured ranges, adding a wide variety of options for all homeowners. Traditional rendering utilises grey ordinary Portland cement and this cannot be pigmented in an effective manner. To colour a traditional rendering project, it would be necessary to apply a coat of paint to the finish, which adds time and money to a project. This is why the development of monocouche rendering has been seen as a way of working that is of benefit to the customer and the professionals undertaking the service.

The key benefits that come from opting for monocouche rendering are:
No need to paint

There is no need to paint your wall as the monocouche rendering takes care of everything one coat.
No need to maintain the rendering the work

The rendering finish will last for 25 years and will maintain its colour over this period.


The solution is completely weather-proof

Regardless of how bad the weather gets in the United Kingdom, knowing that your walls are in great condition will be of great comfort and benefit.


A variety in colours and finishes

No matter what your tastes are or what colour you want your home to have; this solution will help you style your home in an exact manner.


The insulation qualities make your home more comfortable and save money

Being able to block our external noise will retain heat inside your home are major benefits for any property owner.


Monocouche solutions can be applied to virtually any home

No matter what style of home you have or what age your property is, you’ll find that monocouche can be effectively applied in all circumstances.


With monocouche rendering offering affordable and value for money solutions, it is an excellent choice for any property owner looking to positively impact on the appearance, value and condition of their home.