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Coloured Rendering

10 May Coloured Rendering

Coloured Rendering

House walls are often daubed with certain material, mainly for two reasons; firstly, it protects the actual material of the wall from severe weather conditions, such as rain and humidity, secondly, it adds beauty to your house.

With the advancement in architecture and interior technology, offering you several materials to choose from.. Typically, walls are daubed with cement renders, but now the interest has shifted towards lighter materials, such as, clay plaster and lime. The most popular trend that has gained popularity in a short time is monocouche render.

Monocouche literally means “one coat” or “single layer”. Conventionally, both cement and lime renders were mixed with sand and used in multiple coats or layers, sometimes two and sometimes more than four. Today, monocouche render comes in a ready to use bag. It is first mixed with a calculated amount of water and then applied on the walls using tools like pumps and sprays.

Silicone render is another great addition to the world of coloured rendering. It is basically a polymer render which repels water and offers benefit of sustaining breathability between render and wall. Silicone also keeps the moisture away from the walls. Silicone is mixed with cement which makes the rendering much faster. Silicone rendering is also available in a wide range of finishes and shades.

Such renders are pre coloured, using white cement and can have any shade or colour you want. Therefore, coloured rendering is now considered one of the most desirable decorative finishes of exteriors and interiors.


Benefits of Coloured Rendering:


Coloured render serves as a protective layer, allowing your house to be weatherproof. Unlike traditional cement coating, a single layer of coloured render is about 15 mm thick and requires less labour. Coloured render is more expensive; however, as it saves the cost of labour and has added benefits, it has more value than conventional painting. Furthermore, it reduces the need for subsequent painting.


Coloured render comes with additives, allowing the coating to be more flexible and reducing the risk of cracking. This type of render is self-cleaning, corrosion and scratch resistant.

Other benefits include:

– Coloured rendering Essex keeps your walls in a great condition, regardless of the shifting weather conditions in UK.
– There is a wide range of finishes and shades available.
– The average life of a colour render is more than 25 years.
– It can be applied to any surface.
– It reduces the cost of maintenance from time to time.


Specialised rendering offers affordable solutions for exterior and interior rendering. It dramatically improves the overall appeal of your house, making it look fresh and new. Our commitment is to provide our customers with high quality rendering services in minimum time and affordable cost. With our experience and expertise in coloured rendering, we ensure our customers receive quality service round the clock.

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